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Biohax International is the global leader in biochip implantation. Our brand exposure far exceeds any competitors. With global publicity in hundreds of leading publications and on television channels like Fortune, Washington Post, NY Times, Financial Times, The Economist, The Guardian, Forbes, BBC, NBC, CBS, and CNN just to name a few. In addition, Biohax is in the process of securing exclusivity deals for payment, EID, and mobility with global actors. The most common use cases today are accessibility, to your home, workplace, gym, and computer.

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Version required, iOS 13.1 or later


Easy to customize

Use the app to customise what your chip does and how it does it.

Biohax Rewards

Earn rewards for particpating, sharing and connecting.

Biohax Coin

Earn Biohax Coin to reedem at Biohax or with our partners.


3rd Party Services

Our partners enable access control services, payment options and more.


Sign in and sign on with your implant.


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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How can I get a chip?

Book a time by emailing us at Check out our installer map to find a certified Biohax installer near you. If you don’t have an installer close to you, contact us or become a certified installer with us today!

What can I do with the chip today?

The most common applications of the chip today are digital business card, smart home, workplace accessibility, and single sign on to your personal or work computer, Use the printer or swipe in at the gym.

Can you come to our event or city?

Yes! Please e-mail to bring Biohax to an event or city near you and follow us on social media. Twitter @biohaxint Instagram

Is the chip multi-purpose?

Yes - The chip can be used for any number of things. Each chip has a unique ID number that is entered into the system where you want to use the chip. If you want access to your workplace, ask the system administrator to enter the chip ID number into the system - that’s it. It works the same way everywhere and therefore the chip can be used for any number of things. Any services demanding higher security will be provided with our certified and licensed readers, provided by our global partner to ensure higher security without compromising convenience.

Will my chip be able to track me?

The implants are so-called passive chips. This means they do not generate their own power supply and are not considered active until it is scanned by a device. They receive their power from a reading device that must be located in very close proximity of the chip in order for the chip to receive power and transmit its information. (If you are afraid of being tracked then your mobile phone and internet history is a much bigger threat than any RFID chip can ever be!